Does my Bum Look Big in This – Part One.

Yoga tights

Last month, as we were stretching at the end of the run, we were discussing where we buy our running tights. There are so many options now it can be difficult to know where to buy and how much to spend.

We discussed the ones that slip down so you feel like you did when your mum sent you to school with tights on that were too small, remember that feeling when you had to constantly hitch them up. Someone mentioned a pair that they had bought that rode into unmentionable places, giving a most unsatisfactory appearance at the front not to mention to accompanying soreness in the nether bits.

We talked colours and styles, long ones and short ones but as I listened I noticed that no one had talked about ‘The Transparent Effect’. The TE is what a fitness instructor may notice but be far too polite to mention. It happens when bending over, perhaps to stretch or maybe in downward dog.

see through tights

Without meaning to be too coarse in some cases you can actually see as much as a midwife might.

Yes – everything.

Well when I mentioned this there was a look of horror on everyone’s face – they were all stretching their hamstrings at that point and hurriedly stopped so as to make sure their dignity was intact. 

See through Yoga tights

The moral of this story – when you buy a pair of running tights, hold them up and stretch them between your hands, if you can see through them, so can your instructor!

And in the name of full disclosure here is a picture of me doing just that. 

Look for helpful words such as Opaque in the description, unfortunately as with most things, the more you spend the better the quality of the fabric. 

Then we won’t know if your bum does or doesn’t look big in them!