I cannot play tennis or any other ball sport - and 19 other things you don't need to know!

How much do the SLJ members know about Sam the person rather than Sam the coach? This was a question I was asked a few weeks ago by my business mentor.

Lot’s I said. Except that may not actually be true.  During my coaching sessions, indoor or outdoor, I love to hear your news, tell you about the latest thing I have learned and discuss the merits of one chocolate brownie over another. But maybe you don’t know my background or how SLJ came about.

I was set the task of writing 25 things that you may not know about me, I found it quite a challenge as contrary to what you might think, I am not at all confident about telling people about me, SLJ yes, but not Sam.

So for what it’s worth, with my eyes screwed up tight – here are 20 things about Sam, who isn’t actually as big and brave as she makes out!  

My Brother Simon 

My Brother Simon 

1.       I would NEVER do Karaoke – I’d be terrified.

2.       I trained as a nurse at Kings College Hospital London.

3.       My first paid job was an assistant in a fishmongers in Sevenoaks called Swinbournes.

The first Fun Run I organised with Britain's Tallest Man 

The first Fun Run I organised with Britain's Tallest Man 

4.       24 years on I think about what life would have been like if my brother was still here.

5.       I eat chocolate every day.

6.       I worked in Neo Natal Intensive Care as a ward sister

7.       I have 126 pairs of shoes excluding trainers

8.       I still feel that somehow I am going to be ‘found out’ that I am not good enough.

9.       I cannot play tennis or any other ball sport - appalling hand eye coordination

10.   I am a qualified teacher in Post Compulsory Education

11.   I can’t shut one eye or wink – no good for clay pigeon shooting!


12.   I get most of my new ideas for SLJ when I’m on holiday or when I’m walking the dog.

13.   I love films about dogs, storms and disasters, preferably all three in one

14.   I need to be part of a team or a group, I’m not a loner

15.   I love teaching – anything and everything.

16.   My worst injury has been the best thing for my business (ACL + surgery)

17.   I work better when my office is tidy and my desk is clear but that isn’t always the case.

18.   I have 6 kids, aged from 29-18 two of my own and four stepchildren

19.   I love jewellery and bling and change mine most days.

20.   My husband is my rock, my best friend and my biggest critic.