Why should you join the SLJ Power Walking sessions!

SLJ Power Walking

SLJ Power Walking sessions provide great way to give a whole body a thorough workout and help you to get fitter, leaner and stronger!

SLJ Power Walking

Power Walking is for you if you answer YES to most of these questions.

  • You can walk comfortably for 30-40 minutes

  • You enjoy outdoor exercise

  • You want to increase your aerobic fitness

  • You want to tone up your arms, legs and bottom

  • You want to feel generally fitter and healthier

  • You want to exercise in the company of others

  • You are aged between 20 - 80

  • You enjoy being challenged occasionally

  • You aren't ( totally) put off by hills, mud or rain!

Sessions available - Monday, Wednesday & Saturday 9.15am, generally you will be back by 10.50am. 

Meet at Hollybush Recreation Ground.

Cost - £6.00 per session or £4.50 per session for SLJ members

Whilst walking is the most natural and fundamental of all human movements, by adding 'power' to the walk by the use of arms and an increase from the usual ambling walk, this use of the all the muscles in your body creates a dynamic aerobic activity that helps towards achieving optimum well being and fitness. We walk in loose comfortable clothing and trainers rather than walking boots. 

Parking is free and there is a toilet and a cafe for coffee at the end. Wear loose comfortable clothes with trainers rather than walking shoes. We walk whatever the weather so come prepared for rain if needed.