Evening Runs

Stuck in the office all day, get out and get some fresh air & get fitter! We have two run sessions that might appeal to you - try either or both of them!

speed training at SLJ

Monday Evenings 19.30-20.30 - summer time ONLY.


Wednesday evening mixed run at 19.30 - 20.45  

  • On a Wednesday evening the SLJ ladies join up with the Oaks Blokes for a mixed pace group run. We often have two groups with two coaches so that everyone gets the most of of the run. Mostly this group meet at Hollybush Rec but sometimes we do a trail run and visit a pub afterwards! To join this run you need to be comfortable running 5k without stopping, although our runs tend to be between 4-5 miles we DO stop and regroup along the route. This is a great chance to chat and get rid of the stresses of the day and if you want to - push yourself a little. This run is generally 4-5 miles with stops along the way if needed, the intention is to be back at Hollybush by 8.40pm so you can get home!

Cost - £6.00 per session or £4.50 per session for SLJ members If you'd like to join this session and go onto our email list - please complete the form below. 

Please note - In winter months the Wednesday Evening run continues and all runners are asked to wear Hi Vis vests or jackets, bring along a head or hand torch for safety.  

If you have any questions please contact us on office@sevenoaksladiesjoggers.co.uk

Bad Weather
Sometimes forced to cancel evening runs if it is too icy or if we've had a fall of snow that is still covering curbs - running with torches is just too dangerous when we can't see the edge of the pavements.To avoid last minute confusion - we would like to ensure that you all see an announcement of a cancelled run - so we will POST ON THE SLJ FACEBOOK PAGE BY 4PM - a cancellation notification on any evening that we feel the weather makes it too difficult to run. If you haven't embraced social media until now, this could be your opportunity!

If you have any questions about the Monday evening runs please contact Sarah on 07817899006 or send us an email If you have a question about the Wednesday evening run please contact Duncan on 07919830043 or send us an email