Platinum Strength and Balance Class Mondays 2.00-3.00pm

Platinum Strength and Balance
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The class is suitable for ladies and gents aged 65+ who would like to ensure that they keep strong, reduce the likelihood of falling and regain some core strength.  The class will use a range of chairs and mats, bands and weights and is suitable for both men and women. If you have not done any exercise for a long time - or at all, we will still welcome you to join us!

Strength and Balance classes will be starting on Monday 11th September for 5 weeks, we then have a two week break ( for half term) and restart again on 30th October for a second set of 5 weeks.

Dates -

11th,  18th, 25th September 2nd , 9th, October

30th October, 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th November.

Instructor - You will be taught by a qualified physiotherapist who is very experienced in teaching this type of class. Each week will be slightly different with the aim being to increase strength and balance in relation to our everyday lives - this is called functional exercise.  


The Venue for this class is yet to be finally confirmed.


£15 for 5 weeks, £30 for ten weeks. 

Why should you come?

Our everyday lives mean that we have to be able to cope with twisting, turning, bending and moving and all of these activities may, at some point, make us feel of balance. If we practice these movements with a specialist instructor, ours is a physiotherapist, we are less likely to trip or fall in our day to day lives. Add some exercise using light weights and our bones and muscles will get stronger too, which may in turn help with back pain and general feeling of fitness.

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