Running in the hot weather - some simple tips you might not know.

slj hot weather running

1) Make sure you wear cool wicking clothes, preferably in light colours if you can. In the heat some kit can rub or chaf causeing blisters or sore skin. You cn prevent it from becoming a problem by using a type of balm which stops the sticking. Cyclists often use one called Bodyglide. It works well on the inner thighs, under arms and for blokes - the nipples. 

2) Cover up with sunscreen but be cautious about putting too much on your face, as you sweat it can trickle down into your eyes which is really uncomfortable. A skin care expert I see told me that it is better to have Factor 30 on your face, wear a hat and stay in the shade as much as possible, rather than factor 50. The reason for this is that to get such a high protection factor - more chemicals are used, which in the long run, isn't great for our skin.

3) Wear a hat - and if you want to, dampen the hat before you start as it has a cooling effect.

4) DRINK WATER - but not too much. We should be drinking between 2-3 L water each day but that will go up and down spending on our activity levels and the temperature. As neasy way tell if you are properly hydrated is to look at the colour of your urine, it should be pale. If it is darker than the colour of straw, try increasing your water intake. Note - if you eat beetroot your urine can go red!

5) Getting cramp in your legs? People who sweat a lot are at greater risk of cramps due to the loss of salt and other electrolytes. Replacing them with Hypotonic drinks can be a good idea, you can either buy them, or make your own.

slj evening runs
  • 100ml of unsweetened fruit juice
  • One litre of water
  • Pinch of salt
  • Mix, cool and drink

6) Finally - ditch the idea that you have to run hard or long, ease back and go slower, stay in the shade and reduce your distance.