Tick Bites!

We thought that it would be timely to mention the dreaded tick bites now that the warmer weather is here and you are more likely to be out in shorts and skirts.


A bite from an infected tick can result in a debilitating condition called Lyme disease.

Ticks can be found all over the UK in areas where there is grassland, animals and deeply covered vegetation - that makes Knole Park and it's trails highly likely! Apparently the ticks, which are tiny, sit on the ends of the blades of grass or plants, so they rub off onto our bodies.

They are most active between March and October, but only 0-15% are infected. As you cannot feel them bite you the advice is to wear insect repellent on your legs or keep them fully covered and always do a tick check of your skin after a walk or a run.

Adults tend to get bitten below the waist, they like creases so behind the knees, in the groin and children above the waist even into the hairline and scalp.

Removing a tick has to be done carefully because if you squeeze the body, there is a chance that the infected contents will go into the bit wound. Read more about it here.

If you want to know more check out this website.