My mothers day treat!

Yesterday was mothers day and some of you may have read my email sent on Saturday telling you how terrified I was about my treat from my son. If you missed the email you can see it here. 

I promised to let you know how it went so here goes - 

Ollie and I arrived at Psycle to be greeted by someone who looked like Arnold Schwarzeneggers brother with muscles on his muscles, he asked me to sign in. I registered my name and email on the ipad and within 15 seconds my pocket buzzed with a welcome email telling me that my ride was due to start in 5 minutes. I was given a pair of cycling shoes and shown to the ladies changing rooms where I quickly got ready, noting as I did so that I was approximately 30 years older than EVERYONE!!

Ollie met me in the hall and took me to the studio which I was surprised to find was virtually pitch black! As I had suspected the cyclists were young, so young and the girls wore the teeniest of tops with their washboard stomachs on show, their long blond hair or flippy uppy ponytails swishing away. It was too dark to get a good look at the men, well I was with my son,  but they too looked like they had stepped out of a fitness magazine! The music was thumping and about 25 of the 30 bikes were already in use, there was a small towel ready for me on the bike. I wasn't sure that I was going to need the towel but the instructor who was wearing a bra and a mesh top that she may have bought in Ann Summers, obviously had other ideas! She seated herself on her bike on a raised plinth at the front of the class and effortlessly spun her bronzed legs whiled twiddling the knobs on her mini deck beside her, filling the room with music I have never heard before. 

The class started with an obligatory whoop, the music was blaring and the only light was red, blue, green strip lighting, it was a bit like clubbing on a bike!

The warm up left me for dead!

I longed for the safety of a 12 mile run with mud, wind and rain and a nice bit of Abba to keep me company but Ollie kept on glancing over at me and I couldn't let him down. So I peddled, and peddled and tricep dipped and peddled some more, wishing it was light enough to see my watch so I could work out how much longer I had to go!! Up and down, forward and backward, side to side we went as the Brazilian instructor with 2% body fat had a whale of a time telling us to 'Lick the sweat of our faces' and 'go faster, faster and harder,harder' 

Everyone else in the room looked as if they were finding it easy whilst I was wondering how on earth they could keep going - there was one nice point when finally my fitball and running came into it's own, we had to cycle standing up but keep our head, shoulders and hips perfectly still, at last something I could do but plenty of those blond ponytails kept on bobbing! 

About 5 minutes from the end we picked up the two weights given on your way in and used them to do some arm exercises, whilst still spinning away, those who had the heaviest weights were congratulated on their efforts, I assume due to my advanced age I wasn't given heavy ones! 

The class ended with us all waving our towels around our heads like a cowboy with a lassoo. My legs were like jelly and I was indeed rather sweaty but I was looking forward to a hot shower. 


The last time I was in a public changing room I was at Nizels where those around me were of a similar age to me, not here. These beautiful blond girls strutted their toned naked bodies as they smoothed Bumble and Bumble products onto their endless legs. I scurried into the shower with my clothes, towel and Sainsburys body lotion so I could ablute in privacy and reflect on how  I wish I knew how good I'd looked when I was that age! 

I loved spending my morning with Ollie and love the fact that he wanted to share this with me but clubbing was never really my thing and no body talked to me at all! I think we will stick to the naff music in the SLJ studio with the lights on and our tummies covered, at least that way most of us will feel comfortable! 

Sam x