SLJ 7 - How to keep your trainers fresh

  • * Run a sink of hot soapy water, I use washing up liquid or shampoo!

  • * Rinse or bang the worst of the mud off before you put them into the water. Agitate to loosen mud, then scrub them with a kitchen brush or scrubbing brush.

  • * Remove the sock liner or insole and wash it seperatly if you can.

  • *  Rinse carefully then drain upside down for a minute or so.

  • * Stuff them with newspaper, right down to the toes

  • * Dry them facedown on newspaper somewhere warm NOT HOT. Don't put them near a heat source such as bottom oven, hot radiator or heater as this can cause shrinkage. On the floor of an airing cupboard is fine.

  • * They should dry overnight or in about 12 hours.