Three simple tips proven to help you keep a New Year Resolution!

Lose weight, give up take away food, stop smoking or stop buying things you don't need- whatever your New Year's Resolution is- it can be difficult to stick to! 

Lot's of newly signed up gym memberships are generally unused by March, we've slipped back into eating less healthy foods and running trainers are back in the cupboard - clean and dry!

But a British psychologist did some research on 3,000 people's New Year's resolutions and found that only 12 percent of them managed to achieve what they had set out to do.

So what was it that makes some people so much better at sticking to their goals? The research showed that they were all able to do so because the way they approached it was different.  

Here are some of their behaviour traits attributed to their success.

  • If possible, make only one resolution - changing a lot of things at once is more difficult.
  • Go public - tell your friends, family, or even social networks about your goals. , which will increase your fear of failure and also garner support.
  • Document your progress, take photos, keep a log or a diary, and keep referring to it so you can see how far you have come. Maybe reward yourself at certain points on your journey.

If your Resolution is something that SLJ can help you with then you already have a head start!

  • Our team of coaches will always be there to see how well you are doing and support of week by week.
  • Being part of a group with the same goals as you, having the same worries and challenges helps you on your road to success.
  • Weekly sessions are designed to challenge you at a rate you feel comfortable with,  you will be surprised at how quickly you progress. A warm coffee and chat at the end is just one of the rewards that form part of our weekly timetable.

Whatever resolutions you set yourself we wish you luck with them and hope we can be there to support you! 

Happy New Year

Sam x