Running is great when you are feeling fit and fab. But once you have got out of the habit due to injury, work, or hating the bad weather, it feels like a huge mountain to climb to get back out running again.

This Spring we really want to encourage you to get back out & get your fitness back but we know you may be anxious about it, we totally get that and hope that you will enjoy our gentle encouragement on one of our courses or specially designed sessions to help you regain your confidence and your fitness.


Want to start nice and gently?  
Why not join our Complete Beginner Jogging course. This is perfect if you are not a runner, have never been a runner and still remember those days at at school when you hated running - but we have ways to make you enjoy it!  

Been a runner in the past but had a break due to injury or life - or lack of motivation? The Rusty Runner course starts with a Jog/Walk programme and build up slowly. If you come to one session a week for 4 weeks and you do at least two other types of fitness activity, such as our Fitball or Hi Met classes, or even walking the dog, each week, you should be up to 3.5 miles comfortably by the end of the course.

Running isn't for you but you love exercise outside? 
Our Power Walking groups get more popular in the warmer months and as they are gentler on the joints, they are a great alternative to running. Don't think you will be having an easy time though, the 4 mile walks will work your heart and lungs as well as your legs and bottom so an great workout. You can choose to turn up as and when you want but SLJ members get an option to get cheaper sessions if they purchase ten tokens at a time, a great incentive to get out and use them! 

I find the best way to make sure I stick with something tough is to tell someone what I'm going to do. This means I feel bad if I don't do it, why don't you try it?

So, now it's up to you!!