Saturday 08.00 Longer Runs -

will recommence in November 2017 after the Increase Your Distance Course has finished. 

On Saturday mornings we have two groups runs at an earlier time of 08.00am. Details of each of these runs will be posted on our Timetable. 

The Faster group will run between 6-8 miles each week, if the weather is particularly bad, we may reduce the milage. The pace will be 10-10.30 minute mile pace ROUGHLY. If it's icy or muddy it will be slower but the intention is for you to be able to do the run at a pace that gets you back in time to start your weekend promptly.

The Steady group will will run between 6-8 miles each week. It will be at about 11-12 mimute mile pace where possible.

Both runs will vary but will cover some road but mainly woods or trails with a coffee stop at the end. This is a great way to start to build up some mileage gently if you are training for a half or perhaps full marathon. Start points will vary so please be sure to check the SLJ diary to see what is happening when.

These earlier runs are suitable for ladies who are comfortable running 6 or more miles, we will post the distances of each run on the timetable.  Longer runs cost £6 or £1.50 and one SLJ token. Non SLJ members are welcome to join the run at £7 per person. 

Complete this form to let us know which runs you are interested in joining. 

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