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The ReNew plan is a 30 day eating programme which anyone can join, and is designed to help you rethink your eating, both in portion size, types of food and when/why you eat. It came about as a result of my searching for a healthy eating plan that made me feel like I was actually eating food that makes me feel good, one that fitted into my hectic lifestyle and worked within a busy hungry family - a family who LOVE our food! 

Together with qualified Nutritionist Alex Ravenscroft, I have developed a plan that will help you

  • Lose some weight without giving up all the foods you love

  • Introduce a wider variety of foods into your busy week

  • Have more energy and vitality

  • Learn to deal with some of your food cravings

  • Have more, and better sleep

  • Make better food choices because you KNOW what to choose.

  • Stick to the right portion size for YOU.

How does it work?

Day 1-3 - ReCharge - optional. For the first three days you can choose to follow a stricter regime. It does include three meals each day but is lower in calories and higher in rainbow foods. It is best done when you aren’t exceedingly busy!

Days 4 - 18 - ReVive - now we can begin to ReVive your taste buds and introduce a wider range of foods to your week. Hopefully you will enjoy some new recipe ideas and certainly, you’ll be eating enough for you to never be hungry!

Day 19 - 30 - ReSet - This is the final phase where we introduce more recipes, guidelines for eating out and help you make the transition into a new ‘normal’. Many people stay on this phase almost permanently as it is easy to maintain and no foods are banned!

If you are bored with the same food week in week out, don’t want to pick your way through the endless nutrition advice or just need to kick start a healthier eating lifestyle, The ReNew Plan will help you. It costs £60 and you receive it by email immediately after payment.

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