The ReNew Plan

Staying Healthy when Eating Out

Some ideas about what to choose when buying food on the go or in restaurants


·    Lentil & chickpea dishes

·      Tandoori meat or fish or dry vegetable dishes instead of creamy curries (e.g. korma)

·      Vegetable side dishes

·      Chapatti instead of nan bread


·      Pasta with vegetable based sauces instead of creamy ones

·      Salads with tomatoes, avocados, mozzarella and olive oil

·      Lean meat and fish with vegetables (avoid the fried potatoes)

                                                                       ·      Vegetable risotto


·      Salads (e.g. Greek)

·      Hummus

·      Tzatziki

·      Pitta

                                                                      ·      Stuffed vine leaves

                                                                       ·      Lean dry meats & fish – avoid creamy or oily sauces


                                                                       ·      Sashimi instead of sushi

·      Seafood salads (if you know it is MSG free)

·      Tamari instead of soy sauce (if you are avoiding wheat)

·      Opt for brown rice instead of white




·      Avoid the deep fried starters & prawn crackers

·      Choose stir-fried vegetables as a side dish instead of sticky rice

·      Opt for clear soups over creamier varieties




·      Salads (e.g. Nicoise)

·      Ratatouille

·      Lean dry meats & fish – avoid creamy or oily sauces




·      Avoid the deep fried starters & prawn crackers

·      Stir-fried or steamed vegetables

·      Soups

·      Steamed dumplings instead of deep-fried

Sandwich Shops (Pret/Eat/Starbucks/Costa etc)

·      Avoid the sandwiches full of mayo and cheese, go for the wraps instead that usually contain hummus and veg

·      Opt for protein-rich soups & salads (lean meat/fish/hummus/eggs/nuts and seeds)

·      Approach sushi with caution – it is processed, white rice will spike blood sugar and it may contain mercury (highest levels found in tuna, shark, marlin & swordfish)

·      Check the labels – high salt or sugar? Does it read like a science experiment? The more simple the food is the better

Supermarket food

·      Protein rich salads

·      Sandwiches & wraps (as above)

·      Oatcakes & hummus

·      Fruit and vegetables

Tips when eating out in restaurants

·      Keep hydrated – less likely to overeat (and drink!)

·      Avoid the bread basket, ask for olives instead

·      Do you really need a starter……..and a pudding?! If you have to then just go for one or the other – and share it!

·      Ask how they cook the food, avoid deep-fried and don’t be afraid to ask them to tailor it to your taste. You are the customer!

·      Take breaks while eating, allow your brain to register when you are full so you are less likely to overeat

Tips when eating lunch on the go

·      Avoid the crisps/chocolates/sugary & salty popcorn

·      Do you really need to ‘go large’

·      Does it contain protein

·      Instead of grabbing a sugary drink, stick to water – cheaper and better for you!

Tips to avoid hunger

·      Keep hydrated

·      ALWAYS eat breakfast

·      Protein with every meal

·      Keep healthy snacks in your desk/car/handbag/kitchen cupboards:

o   Oatcakes

o   Nuts

o   Seeds

o   Fruit and veg