Increase your distance course

Increase Your Distance course.

It's easy to fall into a running rut and cover the same distances week in, week out without making any changes to your distance or speed. This 6 week course gives you an opportunity to rev up your training - at whatever level you are currently at.The course is aimed at anyone looking to improve their running fitness or or perhaps be more thoughtful about their training. 

Each week offers something different, challenging you in various ways, if you change what you ask of your body and it will respond.

Saturdays 08.30am - 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th September 7th , 14th October. 

  • WK 1 - Running Session and Strength Session
  • WK 2 - 6 miles
  • WK 3 - 7/7.5 miles
  • WK 4 - Hills Session
  • WK 5 - Pink Week - 8/9 miles OR TEMPO finishing in the town with everyone.
  • WK 6 - 9/10 miles OR  5 miles Fartlek

Ladies who opt for this course should currently be able to run 5 miles without stopping at a nice steady pace- speed is NOT important. You will improve your Strength on the Fartlek and Hill sessions, we will look at your running Style to help you make small changes to your running technique to enable you to run more efficiently with a reduced risk of injury. As for Stamina, well this course will help you run faster over sustained distances by regulating your pace and helping you to control your breathing. 

The course is suitable for mixed abilities, Helen will be coaching with Sam and/or Jane assisting on some weeks. The course will run on dependent on numbers. 

Either register your interest or confirm your place by making your payment. 

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