An opportunity for you to set a goal and let us help you achieve it!!

In September we would like to offer you the opportunity to do our very popular 10k course. 

This course will run over 6 weeks starting Wednesday 24th September and Saturday 20th September. 

Strength + Style + Stamina = Better Results!

Ladies who opt for this course should currently be able to run 4-5 miles without stopping at a steady pace.

We will be helping your Strength by doing some short interval type training, some Oregon Trail runs and some Hill sessions. The Style element of the course will help you make small changes to your running technique to enable you to run more efficiently with a reduced risk of injury. As for Stamina, well our course will help you run further by regulating your pace and helping you to control your breathing. We will choose easier routes so that you can increase your distances to about 7 miles steadily.

The course is suitable for mixed abilities as you will be put into a group with ladies of similar ability. The course will run on dependent on numbers. 

Wednesday 9.15am or Saturday  9.15 £36.00 Non members £50