A Warm Up Routine

Here are three summer holiday workouts you can do, alone or perhaps with the kids, during the holidays None of them need weights although you can use weights for the Strength Workout if you wish.

Please do a quick warm up BEFORE you do this or any workout - getting injured is not the best idea during the holidays. If anything feels painful or you don't feel good doing it STOP. 

Balance Workout

This one can be done in your garden, at the park or in an air conditioned gym at your hotel. You don't need any weights just a stop watch or phone app. Set the timer for 60 second intervals with 30 second rest x 8. Be sure to spend a bit of time doing a Warm Up before you start. 

Start by doing ten skaters with balance, go from side to side staying as low as you can manage making sure that you hold the single leg balance each time. Once you have done ten skaters you then use up the rest of the minute doing like this -  

  • Skaters - Single leg star balance on right leg
  • Skaters - Standing oblique crunch left leg
  • Skaters - Single leg star balance on left leg
  • Skaters - Standing oblique crunch right leg
  • Skaters - Standing Warrier 3 left leg
  • Skaters - Side plank leg right side
  • Skaters - Standing Warrier 3 right leg
  • Skaters - Side plank leg left side

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Cardio Workout

This is one I do early in the morning before it gets too hot. Be sure to warm up before you do it. Walk briskly, on the spot or to the area you choose to do this workout. Do some of the mobilising movements we do at SLJ or watch the warm up video. 

Then - set a time on a stopwatch, use your phone or and app such as the Interval Timer. Set it for 20 seconds exercise, 40 seconds rest and repeat 8 times. 

Now sprint, or speed walk for 20 seconds. You should be running or walking faster than you ever do on a normal group session with us. So much so that at the end of 20 seconds you want to stop. Now walk or jog VERY SLOWLY for 40 seconds. Then repeat 7 more times. 

Slowly recover back to your hotel or house or car, do some stretches to finish. 


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Strength Workout

This workout uses only three exercises which you can make more or less challenging by using weights or perhaps water bottles ( or stones if you are near a beach!) 

  • Squat thrust - with or without weights
  • Reverse lunge with rotation
  • Plank with side plank. 

Once you have done a simple warm up perform each of the three exercises for 45 seconds with a 15 second rest. Repeat for three ( or four) sets being sure to do each rep slowly and with good form. 

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These exercises are intended as a guide ONLY. If you are new to exercise, have had a baby within the last year, have suffered an injury or illness then please check with your GP or healthcare provider before doing these workouts. Be sure to do a quick warm up BEFORE you do this or any workout. If any of the movements feel painful or you get chest pain or wheezing, please stop and get it checked.