Is it time for you to get back into a running routine?

Are you missing your Saturday fix of fresh air and chat?

Why not come along and join us for our Rusty Runners course in February

Course starts on February 23rd - March 23rd - 5 weeks.  

 Cost - SLJ Members £30 Non Members £40.00

These five weeks are for ladies who have done some running in the past, either on their own or with a group, but have stopped running for a variety of reasons.

Running on your own becomes hard, no one to meet up with, no one to give you any motivation and no one to set you a goal. Perhaps pregnancy, work, family or life got in the way and as much as you enjoyed running, it isn’t part of your routine anymore, and you’d like it to be, because you actually felt good when you were doing it? Perhaps you’ve done a beginner jogging course but you haven’t run for a good few months and now you’d like a structured way back to running.

Over 5 weeks we will build up your fitness, starting with a walk/run to help you get back your running fitness and confidence. You will leave at 9.15am and be back by about 10.30am.

During the course we recommend you do a second run per week,  so you are welcome to come along to any Gentle Jogging session on Tuesday or Thursday at 9.45. You can use an SLJ token ( I’m sure you still have some!) or buy a few via our website.

Complete your payment using the payment link below!

Rusty Runners course sevenoaks