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SLJ ReNew Plan

The ReNew plan is a 30 day eating programme which anyone can join, and is designed to help you rethink your eating, both in portion size, types of food and when/why you eat. This ReNew plan came about as a result of my searching for a healthy eating plan that made me feel like I was actually eating food that makes me feel good, one that fitted into my hectic lifestyle and worked within a busy hungry family - a family who LOVE our food! 

ReNew Plan
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I ( Sam) have teamed up with Nutritionist Alex Ravenscroft and together we would like to share the results of our hard work. I have to say that yes, I have lost some weight but much more importantly I feel more energetic, am sleeping better and my craving for afternoon chocolate is - well, under control! 

If you are bored with the same food week in week out, want to pick your way through the endless advice we are bombarded with or just need to kick start your portion control, this plan can help. 

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