Foam Roller Class

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Foam Roller Class

from 10.00

Foam Foller and Myofascial Release class .
What to do with that foam Roller you bought and never use!

We are really pleased to be offering three one hour classes on how to use the lovely soft foam rollers, either before or after exercise or just as part of your relaxation. They are perfect for easing tight tired muscles and for helping you release in areas that can be hard to get to such as your neck or the centre of your back. 
Foam Rollers are provided for this class, unless you have one of the blue softer ones in which case do feel free to bring it along with you. Each class lasts an hour, has space for just 10 people. 
Cost - £15 SLJ non members £10 SLJ members - 

  • 7th March 12.30 - 13.30
  • 10th March 9.30- 10.30

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