BRAND NEW Course starting in January 2019!

A Beginners Introduction to Jogging and Fitness

A 10 week course on Wednesday mornings at 9.15 starting 16th January from Hollybush Recreation Ground

Course ends on 27th March with no course in Half Term which is 20th February. 

Course fee - £99 *Special Offer pay for one course and bring a friend free.

We are SO excited to be launching a new course in January for anyone who’d like to get fitter gently over ten weeks. This BRAND NEW course will start by getting you walking, not just any walking but fitness walking, enough to give your cheeks a rosy glow and get your heart rate up. Then we will move on to the jogging phase. You will discover how you CAN jog, at your pace and at your own speed - not someone else’s. You will start with 30 seconds of jogging with walking intervals, & slowly build up the intervals. In addition everyone who signs up for the course will be able a weekly indoor class, specially designed for women to help tone up your muscles - especially the ones needed to prevent injury and help with building a stronger core.

This course is for you if -

👉 you have decided you want to get fitter and feel healthier in 2019

👉 you are keen to learn to jog but you want start very slowly

👉 you prefer to be coached in a friendly group rather than one to one

👉 you need the motivation of an experienced coach to help you

👉 you love being outside

👉 you’d like to be comfortable covering 5k either jogging or power walking