What on earth is a Hi Met class? Hi Met stands for Hi Metabolic workout.

This class is designed to support all women, especially those who are in the early - mid stages of the Menopause who want to change the type of exercise they do to get the best results for with particular focus on healthy weight control and strength.

It works best as a part of a fitness regime, perfect as an addition to walking, running, yoga or fitball, to work different muscles and keep your heart rate high. If you include strength training in your weekly fitness you will be building increased muscles which will in turn mean that you burn more calories. By decreasing the duration of exercise and including a range of movements which develop strength, we can reduce our risk of osteoporosis, increase our Metabolic rate and increase muscle density which burns more calories, even when resting. The class is suitable for ANYONE to join, you work at your own level and I can adapt any exercises that may not be right for you at this time.

You won't be leaping about doing star jumps or other things that I don't think help us, you will be encouraged to REST when you want to.

  • Mondays 9.15 1 hour - Hi Met 60

  • Monday 20.00 1 hour - Hi Met 60

  • Tuesdays 19.00 40 minutes - Hi Met 40

  • Fridays 9.15 1 hour - Hi Met 60

Cost per class (classes are paid for in blocks of 6 - valid for 12 months)

  • Hi Met 60 £6 SLJ member £8 non member

  • Hi Met 40 £4.50 SLJ member £6 non member