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SLJ Fitness Walking - Saturday 9.15 from Hollybush Recreation ground £40.00 which includes one FREE SLJ Power Walking token*

Saturday 1st June - Saturday 6th July - 6 weeks  

We have been offering walking as a fitness class at SLJ for many years, it is called Power Walking and is a great way to maintain fitness and strength. Learning to Power Walk so that you use more muscles and increase your heart rate is a bit like learning any type of exercise, it takes time and practise.

The Fitness Walking course.  Whilst walking is the most natural and fundamental of all human movements, by adding 'power' to the walk by the use of arms and an increase in step rate, we use more muscles and creates a dynamic aerobic activity, with less impact on the joints. Over the course of 6 weeks we will teach you how to use your arms, how to breath correctly and how to stretch at the end of the exercise to help prevent stiffness.  Once you are feeling more confident, you might like to join our Power Walking classes to maintain your new fitness - use your FREE SLJ Power Walk token to try it out.

The Fitness Walking course is for you if you answer YES to most of these questions.

  • You can walk comfortably for 20-30 minutes

  • You enjoy outdoor exercise

  • You want to increase your aerobic fitness

  • You want to tone up your arms, legs and bottom

  • You want to feel generally fitter and healthier

  • You want to exercise in the company of others

  • You are aged between 20 - 80

  • You enjoy being challenged occasionally

  • You aren't ( totally) put of by hills, mud or rain!

The course costs £40 for 6 weeks. All walkers who complete the full course will be given a Power Walk token to the value of £6.  If you'd like to join the 6 week course please complete our Health Form and make your Payment.  

Meet at Hollybush Recreation Ground.