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New - 4 week 10k course Saturday 9.15am 

starting 29th December for 4 weeks EXCLUDING 5th January

Over the last year or so we have seen an upsurge in interest in 10k runs both locally and further away. One of the races many of our members have enjoyed is the London 10k, SLJ will be taking a group of ladies to do this event on February 3rd 2019!  

With this in mind we are offering a new short course on a Saturday morning at 9.15 suitable for ANYONE who is looking to try and do a 10k course at some time early next year.

The course is aimed at anyone who can comfortably run 5k and is looking to improve their running fitness or or perhaps be more thoughtful about their training. Each week offers something different, challenging you in various ways, if you change what you ask of your body and it will respond.

Course details - Sam will be coaching the 4 week course at 9.15am, from Hollybush or nearby. Most sessions will take a little over an hour. 

Course cost - £24 SLJ members £32 Non Members PAY HERE Become an SLJ member here

Pay anytime up to the start of the course.  

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