SLJ Hatha Yoga Monday & Thursday 13.30-14.45

January courses 10 weeks-  8th/11th January - 19th/22nd March  

No classes from 12th -15th February for Half Term

  • Monday - 3 spaces left
  • Thursday - 3 spaces left

Hatha yoga classes provide you with the opportunity to discover yoga at a gentle pace. Our SLJ Hatha yoga classes will enable you to learn beginners' to intermediate poses, relaxation techniques, and become comfortable with yoga. Hatha yoga is a gentle yoga practice suitable for all age groups and ability levels. 

There are nearly 200 Hatha yoga postures which promote suppleness of the spine and boost circulation in all the organs, glands, and tissues. Hatha yoga postures also stretch and align the body, promoting balance and flexibility.  Whether or not you are a runner these wonderfully relaxing classes will make you feel refreshed and stretched. 

SLJ Yoga classes are held in a small private studio near Hollybush Recreation ground in Sevenoaks. 

Cost- can be purchased in two blocks pre and post Half Term.

  • Full term SLJ member £10 per class 
  • Full term Non member £12 per class
  • Half term SLJ member £11 per class
  • Half term Non member £13 per class. 
  • POP in by arrangement only £15

If you would like to register your interest in our Yoga classes please complete this form and we will be in touch. This email is sent 'by hand' so please give us time to get back to you!