Membership of SLJ costs £30 for 12 months

Most of our sessions require you to become a member of SLJ, a few sessions allow non members (NM) to take part at slightly higher cost.

Please note - those on a beginners course do NOT pay membership fee, just £50

Cost per session: SLJ has a currency of 'Tokens' which can be used for many of our regular sessions. We prefer our members to purchase ten tokens at one time to ensure the run starts on time and that the coaches are not having to handle too much money. 

Once you have made your payment for running tokens, Fitball, Yoga or any other SLJ course or membership please click here to notify us. Run tokens will be given to you at your first or next run with SLJ, just let the coach know that you have made an on line payment and you will be given a set of SLJ tokens. 

How do I pay?

Membership Fees & tokens are paid for by Bank Transfer to:

Ladies Joggers UK Ref Your surname ( if possible)

Account number 23200219  Sort Code 601902

If you are unable to make a Bank Transfer as above we do accept cheques made payable to Ladies Joggers UK and brought to your first session.  

£65 will buy you one year membership and ten run tokens.

SLJ tokens £3.50 one token SLJ tokens £35.00 ten tokens

Payment for long runs

Our long runs cost £5 per session, you can either pay with one token and £1.50 or using the old fashioned cash method!

Beginners Course

Our beginner course costs £50 for 6 weeks. Once the course has finished you an decide if you'd like to become a member of SLJ and do our regular runs. 

Please note - those on a beginners course do NOT pay membership fee, just £50

Regular sessions    M=member NM non member

Group Runs £3.50  Power Walk £3.50 M £5.00 NM  Monday Bootcamp £3.50

Thursday/Saturday Long Run £5.00


January 15:Complete Beginner Jogging Course       6 weeks £50.00

January 15:Introduction to Long Distance Running   6 weeks £48.00

January 15:Rusty Runners                                     4 Weeks £25 / £35 Non member

January 15:Yoga for Runners Mondays                     5 weeks £50.00

January 15:Yoga for Runners Thursday                    5 weeks £50.00

January 15:All Fitball courses                                 8 £40 / £48 Non member