Sevenoaks Ladies Joggers welcome women of all ages and abilities to join us. In addition to our running groups we have Power Walking,Fitball, Hi Metabolic fitness classes, and Yoga.

Sevenoaks Ladies Joggers beginner jogging courses are perfect for those who would like to learn to jog in the company of others. Absolutely no experience is necessary, all you need is a sense of humour and a decent bra. Our tried & tested course eases you into jogging starting with just 30 seconds at a time.

The SLJ Friday run is a perfect way to end your week. This run is suitable for intermediate and improver runners as the mileage and speed varies depending on which group you run with. generally 4-5 miles with the occasional longer 5-6 mile run for those who want it, this is a perfect way to catch up with friends and meet new people. 

A sample of some of the things we get up to at Fitball. Thaks to all the girls who were willing to take part!

Our Long runs days are Thursday and Saturdays starting from Hollybush recreation ground and many other start points. Enjoy a variety of footpaths and trails as you discover how far you can go if you are having a good time!

Our Hi Met classes are perfect to start and end the week with a great workout. Using weights, bands and boards these classes will work up a sweat but in low impact environment. Greta to rehabilitate after an injury as close attention is given to all the class attendees.