Fitball, Pilates and Yoga classes start back on Monday 8th January - for 9 or 10 weeks 

I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know that there are a few spaces left for the January Fitball, Yoga and Pilates classes - if you'd like to choose the best slot for you I'd suggest you do it as soon as you can. We also have a NEW Holistic Core Restore  ®class which is replacing the Friday Fitball class - one I'm very excited to tell you about!

Fitball Class Spaces -

Monday 11.30  - 4

Tuesday 08.15 - 2

Tuesday 09.15 - 1

Tuesday 10.15 - 2

Wednesday 11.15 - 3

Wednesday 19.00 - 3

You can book and pay for Fitball classes here ** Click this link to PAY NOW**    


Pilates Class spaces

Thursday 10.30 - 3 spaces Intermediate

Thursday 11.35 - 3 spaces Intermediate

Thursday 18.45 - 4 spaces Beginner/intermediate

Thursday 20.00 - 2 spaces Beginner/intermediate

You can book and pay for Pilates classes here  ** Click this link to PAY NOW**      


Yoga Class Spaces

Monday 13.30 - FULL 

Thursday 13.30 - 1 space 

You can book and pay for Yoga classes here   ** Click this link to PAY NOW**        


**** NEW Core Restore   Class on Fridays!

As many of you know Helen is not able to teach the Friday daytime class. This class will be replaced with a Holistic Core Restore  ® Everywoman programme. This is an amazing opportunity for us all to take advantage of - click the links   to find out more about the course and how to sign up.

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**** NEW ReNew Plan Course starts on 8th January

Some of you asked me to let you know when we are next running the on line ReNew plan - designed with healthy eating in mind so that weight loss happens naturally, slowly and without depriving yourself ( too much!) Well we are starting next Monday - 8th January, plenty of time to clear out the fridge and get back into a 'normal' routine!

For more details click on the link.