• Mondays 9.15 1 hour - Hi Met 60

  • Monday 20.00 1 hour - Hi Met 60

  • Tuesdays 19.00 40 minutes - Hi Met 40

  • Fridays 9.15 1 hour - Hi Met 60


What on earth is a Hi Met class?

Hi Met stands for Hi Metabolic workout.

Do not confuse this with bouncing or jumping, it means that the intensity of the exercises actually works to increase your metabolic rate. These classes are suitable for all levels of fitness, you work at a level that is right for you. It works best as a part of a fitness regime, perfect as an addition to walking, running, yoga or fitball, to work different muscles and keep your heart rate high. If you include strength training in your weekly fitness you will be building increased muscles which will in turn mean that you burn more calories.

This can help to reduce the 15 to 20% drop in your resting metabolism (the daily amount of calories you use just living and breathing) which can happen as we get older, and it can boost your calorie burn by up to 10%. Research done shows that lifting weights just twice a week can specifically reverse age-related decline in the function of mitochondria, the cellular powerhouses that fuel muscles to use more oxygen and zap more calories.

Cost per class ( please note classes are paid for in blocks of 6 - valid for 12 months)

  • Hi Met 60 £6 SLJ member £8 non member

  • Hi Met 40 £4.50 SLJ member £5 non member

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