We don't do Star Jumps! 

We don't do Star Jumps! 


Did you know that if you include strength training in your weekly fitness you will be building increased muscles which will in turn mean that you burn more calories. This can help to reduce the 15 to 20% drop in your resting metabolism (the daily amount of calories you use just living and breathing) which can happen as we get older, and it can boost your calorie burn by up to 10%. Research done shows that lifting weights just twice a week can specifically reverse age-related decline in the function of mitochondria, the cellular powerhouses that fuel muscles to use more oxygen and zap more calories.

The SLJ High Metabolic workout sessions are now available on Monday at 9.15 and Friday 9.15 in the SLJ studio.  

These classes are suitable for all levels of fitness, you work at a level that is right for you. This session works as a part of a fitness regime, perfect as an addition to walking, running, yoga or fitball, to work different muscles and keep your heart rate high. Classes are 60 minutes which includes a warm up and cool down. . 

Hi Metabolic classes are purchased in blocks of 6 weeks, the cost is £6 per class for SLJ members and £8 per class for non members. Please note, the 6 sessions can be spread over a term, they do not need to be used in 6 weeks. 

You can purchase your block of 6 tokens via our website by clicking here. 

See the diary for specific date details. 

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