SLJ Complete Beginner Course
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To confirm your space on the April Complete Beginner Jogging course please complete the Registration form below, if you haven't already done it and make your payment. 

Courses sell out very quickly so don't wait too long! 

The session starts with a gentle warm up, normally done in Knole Park, and then we start jogging. In the first few weeks we do 30 - 60 seconds jogging then a walk break and over time increase it slowly. Once we have finished the jogging we finish off at Hollybush with a stretch session which is very important. The session normally takes about an hour and a quarter.

You will be assigned a Beginners coach to look after you on the course and you will see the Main group runners going out at the same time but you won't be running with them. 

In order to get fitter and stronger we normally suggest that you do another jog during the week. You can if you wish come along to another beginner group session on another day and pay £4.50 so that you have both company and reassurance that you are doing it at the right speed and distance.