Nail the Knole - 6 weeks Saturdays *8.30am 

Over the last year or so we have seen an upsurge in interest in 10k runs both locally and further away. One of the races that is popular in Sevenoaks but not for SLJ, is the Knole 10k. It is not as popular due to our lovely hills, but as it's right here on our door step it seems a shame not to support it!

With this in mind we are offering a new course on a Saturday at 8.30am suitable for ANYONE who is looking to try and do a 10k course in the Spring or early summer. Now is the perfect time to start a build up to any race, including the Knole 10k. The course is aimed at anyone looking to improve their running fitness or or perhaps be more thoughtful about their training. Each week offers something different, challenging you in various ways, if you change what you ask of your body and it will respond.

Sevenoaks Ladies Joggers running shoes

Course details - Helen will be coaching the 6 week course at 8.30am, from Hollybush or Greatness. On *March 18th as it is a longer run, we will leave at 8.00 am. Most sessions will take a little over an hour except 18th March when you can expect to be a little bit longer. 


Course cost - £42

Pre -register your interest in the course and pay after Half Term - please note the course is for SLJ current members ONLY. 

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